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In a 2017 survey, Holger Schulze of Erjavec Group asked this IMPORTANT question to survey participants:

“Regardless of whether you have these security certifications, HOW VALUED by your employer are these certifications?"

The answer:  The CISSP®!

The CISSP® certification is preferred…even required in some cases…by 53% of employers!

The next closest certification (CISM) had only 19%!


“Regardless of whether you have these security certifications, HOW VALUED by your employer are these certifications?"

Imagine If You Had The CISSP® Certification

...And How It Could Change Your Security Career!

The CISSP® Can Make This Possible!

Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

  • q-iconHow long will I have access to the course?

    You will have access to this course for the lifetime of the product!  This includes any updates, revisions, live training sessions, or changes.  You pay once, and you own it forever!  Access to Transcender is the only exception, in which you get a 180-day license.

  • q-iconDoes this course include an exam voucher?

    No it doesn’t.  We looked into this option with (ISC)2.  To provide a free voucher, we have to pay a substantial affiliate fee to join (ISC)2.  In order to keep the price of the course low, we chose not to pursue that affiliation.

    To purchase your CISSP exam voucher, click here

  • q-iconI’ve seen other CISSP courses sell for $4,000 or even $5,000. Is this CISSP course a smaller version of those?

    The million dollar question!  🙂

    Our goal from day 1 of creating our company has been to serve a community of IT and security professionals.  And providing incredible value is the primary focus of that.

    We’ve been there.  We’ve spent $4,000 or more for training, all to be disappointed (and broke!).

    Why are we cheaper?  It’s simple.  We don’t have the overhead costs of the other vendors.

    We don’t have big office buildings, high priced management teams, or tons of sales associates.  We’re a modest company, with a small office, and a small team of highly talented employees and contractors.

    We can operate at lower costs this way.  Which allows us to provide training to you at much lower costs.  It’s a WIN for you, and a WIN for us!  🙂

  • q-iconDoes this course follow the CISSP Exam Outline or the Official Study Guide?

    The course covers 100% of the official exam objectives (outline), as you can see here.

    We found during our research that both the outline and the official study guide “bounce” around topics, without providing foundational instruction first.

    Meaning, you’re thrown into the deep end of the pool, without learning how to swim.  That never works out well!  🙂

    This course was created with the real world professional in mind.

    Learning objectives are coupled into specific lessons and modules to ensure your learning experience is faster, more efficient, and applies to the real world.

    This cuts down on the confusion, bouncing around different topics, and improves retention of the information you’re learning.

  • q-iconDo you provide practice test questions? If so, what kind and how many questions are there?

    Yes we do!  In fact, you get a free 180 day subscription to Transcender test preparation software for free, just for joining any of the packages in the program.

    There are over 900 realistic exam questions, and over 800 flashcards as well.

    Transcender is the best in the business at practice exams, and it’s the closest exam simulation experience to the real CISSP exam.

    Transcender is so good that (ISC)2 has endorsed them as the official test prep software for the CISSP.

  • q-iconI really want to take the course, but it’s a lot to learn. I’m worried that I won’t stay on track and not get certified. Can you help with that?

    There is a lot to learn for sure.  But, don’t worry.  Our lessons are short and focused, so you can learn quickly.

    We also show you how to navigate the course so that you can stay on track.  Or you can use one of our 12 week study plan, or build your own.

    And if that wasn’t enough, we have an interactive study group where we personally interact with you.  We hold you accountable to stay on track.

    You’ll also have access to live coaching call sessions.  These sessions are fun, motivating, and challenge you to commit to getting your CISSP® certification.

    So all that’s left…is your desire to get certified!  We’ll do the rest!  🙂

  • q-iconIs this CISSP course up-to-date with everything I need to know in order to pass the exam?

    Yes it is!  In fact, students have recently taken and past the exam using this program.

    This program covers 100% of the official exam objectives (outline) and is updated frequently based on student feedback, or any exam changes.

    We also offer a 100% risk-free, exam pass, money-back guarantee.  So there is no risk to you!

    You can have full confidence that you are getting the latest, and best information for the CISSP® exam.

    And we’re always here to help if you run into any questions as you’re studying the material.

  • q-iconI've taken other CISSP courses before. If I take this program, am I REALLY going to pass this time? Or is this just like the other courses out there?

    You know, this is probably my favorite question.  “Will I really pass the exam?”  Doubt is one of the worst emotions we have when it comes to tests/exam…even in life!

    If you follow this program, complete the training, and score well on the practice exam, you’re going to get CISSP® certified!  We guarantee that!

    But, if you join the program, and don’t study the material and don’t score well on the practice exam, you’re not likely to find success…no matter what program you use.

    You have to put in the time, effort, and work.  You will get certified!  But, if you’re not committed to reaching that goal, we’d urge you to reevaluate your career priorities.