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Hi!  I’m Brandon Spencer.  Co-founder of Cyberactive Security, an online security training company.

I know, I know.  This is the part where we're supposed to say “we’re the leader", "we’re the best", "we're #1"...or some other terrible sales line.

You’ve heard all of that before, right?

We don't believe in pitching some cheesy sales line to get you to trust us, or buy our stuff.

What sets us apart from any other company out there is:  MENTORSHIP

Mentor:  "a trusted counselor or guide"
- merriam-webster.com

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Training + Mentorship + Hard Work = Your Success

Raise your hand if this has happened to you:

  1. You take training from someone or a company
  2. They answer 1 or 2 questions for you
  3. POOF!  Then they're gone.  They're no longer supporting or helping you.

No more answers, no more interaction.  Now you are on your own!

Has that ever happened to you?  We're raising our hands right now

...because it's happened to us several times!

We're With You Until The End!

We know learning cyber security can be hard. As you go through your training, and your career, you’re probably going to have questions.

Who do you ask when the other instructors, companies, and trainers are gone?

Here, you don't have to worry about that.  Because we’re with you until the very end.

When you become a member of the community, a student, or a friend...we will help you each step of the way.

Have questions about your career, certifications, or learning something new?

Perfect!  That’s why we are here. To mentor you through the tough and challenging times throughout your cyber security career.

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More About Brandon

Mentoring students in security certification, technical skills, and security career growth and development

Career Summary

I’ve spent the last 16 years working with Fortune 100 and 500 companies in technology and security.

I’ve worked as a security engineer, security architect, computer security analyst, network engineer, and a telecommunications technician.

This accumulative experience has helped me become a successful and well-rounded security professional. It has also help me shape my leadership and mentoring skills.


  • 16+ years experience working in Information Technology
  • 9+ years experience working in Information Security
  • Master of Science Degree in Computer Information Systems
  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration
  • CEH, CISSP, CNDA, CPTE, and Security + Certified