About Brandon

Hi, I’m Brandon Spencer!

I’m the Co-founder of Cyberactive Security, LLC., a security training and consulting company.

I’m also a professional cyber security engineer and architect with over 16 years experience in Information Technology (IT) and cyber security.

Here at Cyberactive Security, our #1 goal today is to help you learn and grow your knowledge and skills in cyber security.

We want you to be successful.  We want you to be informed.  And we want to share all of our experience and knowledge to help you reach your goals.

Brandon's Background

I spent most of my life before information security dedicated to joining Law Enforcement.

I worked different types of security jobs.  I almost finished an administration of justice degree.  I even graduated from the Police Academy.

But I realized I wasn't cut out for Law Enforcement.  It's takes a special kind of person to do that kind of work.  And honestly, I realized I'm not that person.

Thanks to some great family friends, I got my start in IT as a computer analyst in 2001.  That's when the technology obsession started.

I’ve quickly moved to working as telecommunications technician.  Then to a network engineer. I even did some application development work on the side.

In all that time, security was always a part of my job.  Secure design, data encryption, network security…I was always doing something security related.

In 2008, I committed full time to information security, working as both an engineer and an architect.

In fact, I still work full time as a security engineer/architect today!

So when it comes to education and training, you’re getting the ground truth from a working security professional.

I know first hand the threats facing all of us out there!  I also am in a position where I interact with senior managers and high ranking corporate officials.

So I bring a unique perspective of law enforcement, technical security, and senior leadership to the table.

You can also add amateur musician, family carpenter, and cigar aficionado to that list too!


    Brandon's Qualifications

    • 16 years experience working in Information Technology (IT)
    • 9 years experience working in Information Security (INFOSEC)
    • Master of Science Degree in Computer Information Systems
    • Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration
    • CEH, CISSP, CNDA, CPTE, and Security + certified

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