Hi Everyone!

I wanted to let you know what we’re working on right now.

We’re making really good progress on our upcoming course, 7 Steps to Cyber Security Success. We’re really happy with the content so far, and the FREE mini-course is almost done! Hang in there a little bit longer!

Just in case you’re wondering: “What’s a mini-course?” The mini-course is our hand-selected modules from each section of the premium course. We hand pick each one to provide you the most value for free, while reserving a few goodies for the premium course content.

The mini-course is already over 2 hours long…and growing! You’ll learn about the importance of security, value of education and certifications, and the various jobs you should pursue in security. ALL FREE!

Keep an eye out! We’ll post a link to our first video in the free mini-course soon!!! We’re really excited to share this with you!

Talk to you soon,


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